In need of some light demolition work in Detroit, MI?

In need of some light demolition work in Detroit, MI?

Look no further than Hired Muscle Moving

At Hired Muscle Moving, we are more than just your typical moving company. On top of moving services and cleaning services, we also offer light demolition services to make your home improvement project go as smoothly as possible.

Our residential demolition services include:

• Kitchen demolition
• Bathroom demolition
• Basement demolition
• Cabinet demolition and removal
• Wall demolition
• Ceiling demolition
• Carpet removal and removal of other flooring types

We will also break down cubicles and remove them from your commercial offices.

Let Us Handle The Demolition

Our light demolition services in Detroit, MI are typically those projects that need to be completed within one to two days. We have worked with a number of customers to help with demolition work. Even with smaller demolition projects, it’s important to hire a professional. Our team will take out the stress and save you time so you can focus on other projects. Our professionals are comfortable with knowing what’s on the other side of walls or under the floors. We also already have all of the tools necessary for light demolition work so you don’t have to go out and purchase these or potentially even purchase the wrong tools.

Call us at (313) 282-6393 to schedule light demolition services for your home or office in Detroit, MI. We take out the middle man for you because we can do the light demolition work and also haul away those items once the demolition work is completed. This will keep you from having to find someone else to that for you.